Yuriy Labinskiy

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Возраст:   33 года
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Labinskiy Yuriy

Born April 16,1985
Birthplace Lviv
Current living location Lviv
Current working location Lviv
Marital status Married
Children Daughter
Contact phone (067) 670-94-99
E-Mail YОтправить сообщениеm

Key qualities and skills
Today I have 10 years of experience in the sale of consumer goods and services, the organization direction and management personnel in various fields.
The main qualities are leadership and organizational skills, communication skills, initiative, responsibility and ambition. A deep understanding of the processes of marketing and sales. Strategic thinking, leadership and discipline. Consistency in decision making and implementation.
Work Experience
Miatech, Inc – Field Manager
01.2016 – 10.2016
• Managing a sales territory in the USA (East Coast)
• Regular trips to the USA
• Regular meeting with clients
• Developing and maintaining potential client database
• Effective communication over the phone, through email etc.
• Reporting, working as a team member

State Enterprise “Arena Lviv” – Deputy Director of commerce
09.2014 – 09.2015
• Ensuring the participation of commercial management in the preparation of prospective and current plans for the sale of services, identify new markets and consumers
• Negotiations with strategic partners to implement commercial projects that enhance the demand for products and services;
• Ensure development and implementation Implementation Plan for the promotion of products and services;
• Participation in the pricing of services;
• Development of marketing policies and promotion of schemes and services, determining the conditions of sale of goods
• Participation in development programs Loyalty and gratitude for clients;
• Organization and control of subordinate staff to ensure timely execution of the tasks and duties;

Private Joint Stock Company “Kyivstar” – Sales specialist of department “Large Enterprises”
08.2012 – 09.2014
• Find new customers within their group companies and outside it; determine needs and assess their potential;
• Study and analysis of the business needs and potential client;
• The sale of services to clients;Participation in the pricing of services;
• Measures to attract new revenue from the sale of new / additional services, expanding scope of services and geographical expansion of the use of services;
• Preparation and presentation of services, negotiating with CEO and top management regarding the terms of service and further cooperation;
JSC “Intertelecom” – Manager of corporate clients
04.2011 - 06.2012
• Work with clients:
o search for new customers;
o creation and support of client base;
o negotiation;
o keeping primary accounting;
• Performance targets;
• Corporate strategy development direction;
JSC «Kvytky» - Branch manager
10.2010 – 04.2011
• Develop a network of offices JSC «Kvytky» in Lviv
• Collaboration and maintain outlets in good condition;
• Constant communication with the staff;
• Finding and working with new organizers;
• Advertising and promotional support of activities;

Lviv Regional Philharmonic Society - Principal Administrator, Project Manager of Concert Department
09.2009 - 08.2010
• Organization of concert life institutions;
• Administration and coordination of concerts;
• A comprehensive advertising and promotional support measures, work with artists, attracting sponsors / partners;
• Development and implementation of marketing policy on long-term planning, pricing;

JSC "Astelit" (TM «LIFE») - The head of alternative sales department, Western region (Lviv, Uzhgorod, Rivne, Lutsk, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Khmelnytsky)
09.2007 - 09.2009
• Design and create a new department;
• Creating a marketing plan;
• Developing training for staff;
• Development of alternative sales and advertising, and establishing close cooperation with partners;
• Building a corporate culture;
• Implementation of a comprehensive training advertising and promotional support;
• Set and training;
• Find sponsors / partners for close cooperation;

JSC "FoksMart" - Supervisor of IT equipment
05.2007 - 09.2007
• Workflow love
• Compliance with service standards
• Training and supervision of staff
• Implementation plans for sale

JSC "City Com" - Supervisor of IT equipment
05.2007 - 09.2007
• Workflow love
• Compliance with service standards
• Training and supervision of staff
• Implementation plans for sale
Institute of Economics and Management
"Management Organization"
Specialist 2002 - 2007 National
University "Lviv Polytechnic"
Special skills and knowledge
• English (Pre-Advanced)
• Polish (oral - Elementary level, writing - free)
• Russian (Fluent)
Computer skills:
• Advanced computer user
• MS Office
• 1C
• Schengen visa till 04/03/2018
• USA visa B1/B2 till 24/05/2026
Driving license category "B" (driving experience 12 years)
Own Car
Willingness to travel
Certificate of Sales Excellence Strategic Selling / Conceptual Selling. "MILLER HEIMAN"
Certificate of successful schooling project management (LPMS) under the "Fundamentals of teams in IT":
The responsibility of the project manager
Planning and problem definition, assessment of volume and time of execution
Time management and organization of work
Forming a team, roles in team
Communication, conflict
The methodology of software development. Agile
Projects Project metrics
Risk Management
The system competencies. Career growth.

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